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Stand Up, Speak Up Rally June 15th 10:30 Downtown Vancouver

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Our nation is on the edge of a precipice. In February, the Supreme Court of B.C. ruled that a fourteen-year old girl who identifies as a boy can take irreversible cross-sex hormones without parental consent whatsoever.  More than that, the judge ruled that if her father (“Clark”) calls his teenage daughter his daughter, uses her given name, or uses female pronouns to refer to her, he will be charged for committing “family violence”.

This ruling constitutes the greatest attack on parental rights and freedom of speech ever in North America–an attack that cannot go unanswered.  

On June 15th a rally will take place on the steps of the Vancouver Art Gallery, facing Robson. We will gather from 10:30-12:30 to listen to speakers from people of all political stripes, ethnic backgrounds, religious beliefs, experiences, and gender and sexual identities. Our right to protect our children, and our right to free speech cross all these boundaries. If left unconfronted, these recent events and court rulings will forever alter our nation for the worse. 

The pillars of family and democracy are crumbling in our nation and transgender ideology has been used to remove the Charter rights of Canadians. We are now only a half-step away from the State entering your home and removing your children, or arresting you for questioning transgender ideology. You must not wait until that moment to act–the time is now. 

This is an historic moment. And your presence will make the difference. Use your voice now, or your children and grand-children will not have one. Join us to send a loud, clear message to our community leaders, elected officials, and judges, that we will not sacrifice our children or the interests of our nation to an ideology that has no basis in science, nor leads to a healthy and prosperous society. 

On June 15th, stand up and speak up.

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