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Transition as Treatment: The Best Studies Show the Worst Outcomes

The treatment for this particular disorder is severe; lifelong experimental medicalization, sterilization, and complete removal of healthy body parts—a treatment Dr. Ray Blanchard, one of the world’s foremost sexologists, calls “palliative”. In spite of its severity, however, medical transition is no longer a rarity. It

Half of All Desisters are Same-Sex Attracted

KEY POINTS: Half of all those who desist from gender dysphoria are same-sex attracted. It remains likely that the affirmation-model of treating gender dysphoria will disproportionately affect same-sex attracted individuals, and may constitute “gay-eugenics”. One of the most salient points of the literature on gender

Increased Mortality Rates Due to Suicide

Asscheman, A long-term follow-up study of mortality in transsexuals receiving treatment with cross-sex hormones. (2011) My note: As a generalization, the longer the follow-up on transitioned individuals, the greater the risks and worse the outcomes. This is recognized in the literature, but only rarely by

40% could not be followed up

De Cuypere, Long-term follow-up: psychosocial outcome of Belgian transsexuals after sex reassignment surgery (2006) My note: Could this be where the bourgeoning group of detransitioners have been hiding in the studies?

Social etiology? Mothers of GID boys

Marantz, Mothers of Boys with Gender Identity Disorder (1991)  This study cited by Steensma, Gender identity development in adolescence (2013) in a section on possible pyschosocial factors.