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[Note: Some of these early stories erroneously stated that there was “targeting” of certain communities with our posters. This is untrue. We paid for a city-wide poster campaign.]

Daily Xtra, Feb 3

CKNW, Feb 5

Global TV, Feb 6

CKNW Live Radio Steele & Drex, Feb 6

New West Record, Feb 7

The Federalist, Feb 9
(reprint of our Voyeurism Epidemic article)

Lifesite News, Feb 15

Lighthouse News Podcast, ARPA Canada, Feb 16

Culture Guard Radio on Bill C-16 (I, II), May 30, 2017

Erasing Sex Distinctions From Law Kills Privacy and Consent
The Federalist, July 11, 2017

Langley Townhall on SOGI Research, Sep 1, 2017

Vancouver Sun Op-Ed by Lisa Salazar, Oct 10, 2017
Full-Length Response by Paul Dirks, Oct 12, 2017

“Gender Identity Crisis”, Apologetics Canada Podcast, Oct 19, 2017