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Half of All Desisters are Same-Sex Attracted

KEY POINTS: Half of all those who desist from gender dysphoria are same-sex attracted. It remains likely that the affirmation-model of treating gender dysphoria will disproportionately affect same-sex attracted individuals, and may constitute “gay-eugenics”. One of the most salient points of the literature on gender

Target Sex Offense Study Press Release

New Study Shows Gender-Inclusion Policy at Target Stores Associated with Increased Sexual Violence Update: The full study is now available. February 2, 2018 A new study will be published February 3, 2018, analyzing the effects of the gender inclusion policy implemented by Target Stores

Literature on Desistence of Gender Dysphoria

A review of the literature on the desistence and persistence of gender dysphoria in children. The studies are clear: “Although the persistence rates differed between the various studies (2% to 27%), the results unequivocally showed that the gender dysphoria remitted after puberty in the vast