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Do You Value and Respect De-Trans Individuals?

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One of the things I have been saying in the mass media, which is absolutely blowing up right now, is that I love, value, and respect Trans and De-Trans individuals. The mass-media trans-narrative wants to present me as a hater, and I’m willing to take that for all the women who say “thanks for standing up for me”. But their view is almost always underpinned by the supposed immutability of gender dysphoria and trans identity; “this is the way I am”, full stop, as if it is unchangeable. One of the problems for people like Morgane Oger who say “there is no way to love trans people and oppose bill C-16 at the same time” is that it puts them into a difficult situation concerning whether they value and respect those who have desisted from gender dysphoria, like Chad Felix Greene, or who have de-transitioned like the three women here. Does Morgan Oger love, value, and respect them? Even though they caution against the mass-media narrative of easy transition? Even though they believe that gender dysphoria can be caused by traumatic events and pyschosocial difficulties? And if she does still love, value, and respect them, why is it so hard to believe that I can love, value, and respect a trans individual?

No hate here, only love. Alongside a fight for women to be heard who fear the verbal attacks that I am facing.

[Note: Our nascent campaign already includes supporters from a wide variety of backgrounds; Christian conservative, lesbian conservative, radical feminist, left-wing lesbian radical feminist, indigenous and immigrants, and de-transitioned. We disagree on much. We agree on one thing; women’s spaces must be protected.]

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