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Half of All Desisters are Same-Sex Attracted

KEY POINTS: Half of all those who desist from gender dysphoria are same-sex attracted. It remains likely that the affirmation-model of treating gender dysphoria will disproportionately affect same-sex attracted individuals, and may constitute “gay-eugenics”. One of the most salient points of the literature on gender

Literature on Desistence of Gender Dysphoria

A review of the literature on the desistence and persistence of gender dysphoria in children. The studies are clear: “Although the persistence rates differed between the various studies (2% to 27%), the results unequivocally showed that the gender dysphoria remitted after puberty in the vast

Gay Conservative Embraces Masculinity

Chad Felix Greene, a gay Jewish conservative man, has recently (02/04/2017) written an excellent account of his own experiences finding his masculinity in the midst of boyhood gender confusion. Please click on the full link to read his story. Here are some excerpts: Had I