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Steele & Drex Live Radio Interview for CKNW

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On Monday, February 6th I joined Lynda Steele and Drex on their CKNW radio show. I enjoyed the back and forth, slightly adversarial format. It allows for a clear presentation of our position free from mass-media bias and tampering, which was particularly egregious with the Global TV spot. I would far rather it be slightly adversarial, than the smiles-up-front, dagger-in-the-back approach Global TV took. As much as my time allows I will keep doing these opportunities, and eventually the public will be wise to the very clear misrepresentation going on. I encourage you to listen to the clip and then read the article, and notice the very clear disjunction between the two; overt mass-media bias at its best.

My favorite moment is where Lynda Steele asks for clarification on why gender-rights remove her rights as a woman. I ask her if she thinks women should have a right to safe segregated spaces. “Yeah… I guess”. I then ask whether these right are sex-based on gender-based. Drex chimes in with “gender”. I ask him what it is about gender that makes it important to segregate: no answer, “you tell me”. I point out that we segregate not because of what would be considered gender realities (clothing, presentation) but because of sex-based realities; sexual violence against women, biology, vaginas and penises. I then mention the Ontario study done in 2012 by the Trans PULSE project that finds that the most common gendered sex-behavior among transwomen was inserting their penises into vaginas. No push-back, just a different topic.

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