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Letter To the Editor Contest

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We want to get Canada talking about Bill C-16. So we are offering $350 worth of gift cards to inspire Canadians to write and submit articles and letters to Canadian news outlets and websites.

The rules are simple:

i. Write an article or opinion letter and submit it to a print or online Canadian news outlet.

ii. It must express opposition to Bill C-16 in some way. The angle you take is up to you: free speech, women’s rights and protections, medical issues with transitioning, your choice.

iii. Your writing must not be hateful or prejudiced towards trans individuals (or anyone else).

iv. If they publish your article or letter, save it, copy it, or photograph it, and email it to .

v. Feel free to submit your letter or article to us even if they don’t publish.

vi. We reserve the right to publish all letters and articles received for this contest, whether or not they are published elsewhere.

vii. Contest closes March 27, 2017. Prizes will be awarded no later than Apr 10, 2017.

Our criteria for choosing winners:

i. The readership and circulation of the news outlet will be highly considered.

ii. The more mainstream the news outlet the better.

iii. The quality, depth, and logic of your work.

iv. The “create-a-splash”-ness of the article.

We will choose three prize-winners who will each receive gift cards in the following amounts: $200 for 1st place, $100 for 2nd place, and $50 for third place.

Also, some of you may be interested to know that I have shamelessly stolen this idea from ARPA Canada who are also running a contest at this moment. Some of your submissions could possibly be eligible for both this and ARPA’s contest.


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