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Contact Canada’s Senators

We strongly encourage you to make your voice heard to Canada’s Senators now that Bill C-16 has passed the House of Commons. The Senate will reconvene in February and so time is of the essence. Please write or email Canada’s senators, and express in your own words

  • you are against allowing males (who sense they are women) and penises being in women’s safe spaces; bathrooms, change-rooms, showers, shelters, camp cabins etc.
  • hundreds of women are already being harmed in gender-neutral washrooms and changerooms because of transgender-ideology
  • impressionable children will be confused by “gender identity/fluidity” teaching in schools
  • women should be able to play on sports teams for their own sex, without physically advantaged biologic males intruding and taking their spots
  • this Bill erases women’s identity by saying that gender is undefinable. It means the eventual end to women’s health, women’s movements, and feminism

Here is a sample letter to help you:

Honorable Senators,

Thank you for your important work in passing laws which keep Canada vibrant, healthy, diverse and strong. I am writing to urge you to oppose Bill C-16 which will have an incredibly negative impact on Canadians and especially women. Although I honour, respect, and value transgender individuals, Bill C-16 destroys sex-based rights and puts women in vulnerable and disadvantaged positions. By separating biological sex from gender,  sex-based female rights are being undermined. Females should not be forced to shower, change, or use the washroom with males who have penises, no matter what they call their gender. Women’s safe spaces ought to be a sex-based right and protection. Already there have been over 140 substantiated incidences of violence against women in gender-neutral and unisex spaces. We must not protect women less, but more.

Furthermore, I am concerned that the Bill unintentionally communicates to children that there is nothing valuable about them as male or female (their biologic sex) and that this will create a generation of confusion, anxiety and depression. We have already seen an exponential rise of gender disordered children applying for treatment at gender clinics over the last five years, with more and more of them being girls. We must ask the question- why?

I know there is tremendous political and mass media pressure to pass Bill C-16, but please think about its effects on our beautiful society and the coming generation.


Email addresses for the Justice Committee, the most important group to contact:

The rest are here. Include them as well: