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The WOMAN Means Something campaign was begun in opposition to Bill C-16, a Bill that completely undermines and destroys women’s rights, freedoms, protections, and identity under the law. We affirm that all people are to be loved, valued, respected and celebrated as people. But any legislation that pits gender vs. sex, or defines “woman” such that it is meaningless, will result in tremendous harm to women, girls, and their rights.

Bill C-16 was passed earlier this year and we have since re-launched it with a curated news service, trying to present the best articles on sex, gender, and transgender concerns. Our goal is to post ten to twenty articles per week and to be an informational hub for those opposing the erasure of women’s rights, privacy, and protections.

Other information here includes the research of Paul Dirks, who does original research on women’s protections-related issues, and presents on gender dysphoria. Paul had read widely in sex and gender medical literature, including most of the extant literature on paraphilias such as voyeurism and exhibitionism.