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The WOMAN Means Something campaign was begun in opposition to Bill C-16, a Bill that completely undermines and destroys women’s rights, freedoms, protections, and identity under the law. It seeks to provide a voice from a wide range of backgrounds, from family-values voters on the right to feminists and lesbians on the left. Anyone and everyone who cares about women and their legal protections under the law ought to be opposed to this well-intentioned, but disastrous bill. We affirm that all people are to be loved, valued, respected and celebrated as people. But any legislation that pits gender vs. sex, or defines “woman” such that it is meaningless, will result in tremendous harm to women, girls, and their rights.

For these arguments, see either our overview or our in-depth article “Why Bill C-16 Destroys Women’s Rights, Identity, and Freedoms.” We encourage you to educate yourself and make your voice heard by contacting Canada’s Senators.

Here is an example of those on the political right and left working together on this issue in the States:

WOMAN Means Something can be reached via email at info[at] As we are all volunteers, priority response will be given to media, organizations, and females.